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We believe our colleagues are our core assets. We will provide sustained investment to individual profession development.

1.   Comprehensive training system. We offer systematic and specific training to every employee; we invite senior consultants within the company, professional counseling agencies and relevant experts within the industry as training instructors for professional staff counseling. We provide diversified training which include but not limited to recruiting skill training, human resource module knowledge, sales skill, communication skill and team management skill promotion, customer management ability training and workplace sophistication training, etc.

2.   Clear mechanism for promotion. We have developed clear promotion rules so that every employee has a predictable career path and is willing to work hard at it. Meanwhile, with the expansion of our business, we also provide interior entrepreneurial opportunities to our outstanding employees.

3.   Reasonable compensation in return. We believe “reap as you sow” and in our company, staff salaries depend on their individual performances. Excellent employees can get generous returns regardless of their seniority. We provide comprehensive compensation and benefits and we share our profits. We believe that only by achieving wealth sharing, can we have a stable team.

4.   The spirit of openness and sharing. We respect open and direct communication, encourage happy-to-share interpersonal atmosphere and we believe that teamwork and peer support is an inexhaustible motive force for everyone to grow.

If you are interested in developing you career in headhunting or related fields and if you have a strong self-driven spirit and can handle different problems under pressure, we sincerely welcome you to join us

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