Professional Consultant Team

We have very seasoned veterans to manage the daily operation of the consultant teams to make sure that we can meet the increasing requirements from our demanding clients. We can provide professional recruitment service as well as consulting service for the industries and position categories that we are focusing on. 

Standardized Management Process
We have established a standardized and efficient management process and system so that every step of our service provided is conducted with consistency and traceability, and therefore efficiency and reliable results can be guaranteed.
Tailored Service
To best address the unique needs of different customers, we take full advantage of our company’s resources to provide personalized services and corresponding value-added services.
Below are the industries we focus and the main clients we serve:

Semiconductor & Electronic Manufacturing

Semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry is a high-tech industry that calls for highly professional personnel. Accompanied by the ever-increasing investment of foreign-funded enterprises into its China business and the growing-up of numbers of emerging local enterprises, the talent service we have extended has already won us a good reputation within the industry. We will continue to focus on this industry and deliver more high-caliber talents to our client partners.

Industry & Automation

We are committed to playing a bigger role in industrial control automation industry chain and in fact our existing partners have already included many world-renowned enterprises; our achievements demonstrate that our decision to make efforts in this direction is a success.

Information Technology

We carefully select high-quality client partners from highly competitive IT industry, and we strive our best to serve them. Their recognition and trust is the greatest affirmation of our efforts.


Along with the increasing financial innovation and openness level in Chinese market, there will be a great demand of high-end professional talents in financial industry. The scarcity of talents exists not only in traditional financial positions, also some other rising areas like internet finance, large scale assets management, oversea investment/M&A etc. We hope our effort in financial market will make a helpful contribution to the personnel transfer in this area.

Chemical & Pharmacy

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry play an important role in socio-economic development. This industry is an industry of sustainability which integrates traditional industries and modern technologies. We believe that our tireless hard work in this area will bring considerable returns to both our clients and ourselves.

Automotive & Misc

The development of the automotive industry in China market has a promising outlook; international labor division has also made ​​China a popular region among automobile manufacturers. We have extensive experience for serving foreign large auto part manufacturers and we can make great achievements in this area.
Meanwhile, we are also actively expanding into other industries. We have this belief that with our professional recruitment system and consultant team, we can become the partner that our clients trust.


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